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Qualified Intermediary Providers

In 1921, tax deferred exchanges were introduced. Since that time many significant tax law changes have taken place, the most significant being the Final Treasury Regulations of 1991, which defined the role of the Qualified Intermediary and streamlined the exchange process. Today, knowledgeable investors seek an experienced Qualified Intermediary to handle exchanges. The use of a Qualified Intermediary significantly reduces transactional stress by assuring the proper execution of required documentation. Qualified Intermediaries provide a vast array of options so that investors have access to the full power of exchanges.

Many investors are surprised to discover that the Qualified Intermediary industry is not nationally regulated. Consequently, the careful selection of the Qualified Intermediary is essential to ensure the highest levels of expertise and security of funds. Cap Seven will not recommend any Intermediary not underwritten by a reputable firm or bonded. Cap Seven will not accept funds from any QI's or their firms for referrals . One firm we do not hesitate to direct our customers to is API.

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API provides the key services of a Qualified Intermediary as defined and required by the IRS and Treasury Regulations.

  • API is a Qualified Intermediary pursuant to IRC §1031

  • API confers with each Exchanger's attorney and/or tax advisor and forwards legal documentation, as requested, so that the IRC §1031 rules and regulations are thoroughly understood

  • API prepares the necessary documentation - Exchange Agreement, Assignment(s), Notice of Assignment(s), Qualified Exchange Account Form, Security of Funds Instruments and Instructions to each Closer/Escrow Officer - and oversees each closing to assist in proper §1031 procedures

  • API, via the proper exchange documentation, consummates the sale of the relinquished property and the purchase of the replacement property

  • API holds and protects the exchange proceeds on behalf of the Exchanger until funds are needed to purchase the replacement property. API is underwritten by Stewart Title providing further protection for you funds.

  • API provides guidance, information and critical adherance to the established timelines through-out the entire exchange process


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